Molecular inference of subgenus Hermodactyloides Spach for vascular flora of Iraq

Hoshman Omar Majeed [Department of Horticulture, College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences, University of Sulaimani, Iraq]

Iris reticulata of sect. Reticulata from subg. Hermodactyloides in Iraq have been circumscribed based on morphological characters long time ago. Recent work, carried out in neighbouring countries (Turkey and Iran), added the new sect. Zagrica, which includes four new species. No molecular study has been performed yet to confirm the status of this subgenus. In this work, a phylogenetic study of the subg. Hermodactyloides was carried out by using internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region as well as morphological traits, with the aim to examine this subgenus in Iraq. Molecular data indicate that a new section is diverged from Hermodachtyloides and should be added to vascular flora of Iraq as a second section named Zagrica. This outcome is consistent with the morphological description. This work also implies that leaf transverse section should be considered as main morphological characters to be taken into account to separate the Reticulata section from Zagrica which has the same taxonomical value as the position of ovary (above ground or subterranean).

DOI: 10.26353/j.itahort/2021.3.3648

Keywords: Dwarf iris, Iridaceae, Iris zagrica, Iris reticulata, ITS, Systematics


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Majeed, H.O. (2021) 'Molecular inference of subgenus Hermodactyloides Spach for vascular flora of Iraq', Italus Hortus, 28(3), pp. 36-48. doi: 10.26353/j.itahort/2021.3.3648