Italus Hortus

Editor-in-Chief: B. Basile; Associate Editors: C. Andreotti, H. Rogers and Y. Rouphael

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Aims and scopes of Italus Hortus

Italus Hortus (ISSN 1127-3496) is a free Open Access, peer-reviewed online journal published by the Italian Society for Horticultural Science (SOI). It is indexed by Scopus. All accepted articles are published free of charge and have a DOI. The journal is published four-monthly (April, August and December).

Italus Hortus publishes the most recent research results dealing with all aspects of horticulture. These include a broad range of topics, such as breeding of horticultural plant species, physiology and biochemistry of horticultural crops, propagation and nursery technologies, orchard and vineyard management, multi-functionality of horticultural systems, production techniques, quality of horticultural products, post-harvest management of fruit and vegetables. The manuscripts can be freely submitted or invited and they will undergo a single-blind peer review process. First decision about the manuscript is generally provided to the corresponding author in four weeks after submission.


Types of papers

Italus Hortus publishes the following types of papers:

·       - Original research papers

·       - Reviews

·       - Brief research reports

Original research papers should include the results of original research. These data should not be previously published or submitted successively elsewhere.

Review articles should critically analyze the literature about subjects of active current relevance to the horticultural sciences.

Brief research reports should present original research and/or preliminary findings formatted in a concise way.


Manuscript preparation and submission

The manuscripts can be freely submitted or invited. Check the instructions for authors.
ISSN 1127-3496