Scientists and writers in the history of horticulture and pomology

Silviero Sansavini [Dipartimento di Scienze Agrarie, Università di Bologna]

Through the centuries the fruit and arboriculture practices always received attention and were object of technical descriptions, although the writers utilized and copied often the Latin and Greek texts. They were also influenced by superstitions and religious rites. This historical model pursued till the Middle Age. After that in Europe several important naturalists and scientists contributed to the knowledge advancement in Horticulture. The main treatises of a couple of dozen of famous Authors, dealing mainly with Pomology, have been consulted. It has been evidenced that the most important learning have been achieved only after the support of experimental procedures of scientific methods. Some of these features deal with reproduction, heritability, variety stability and nutrition theory, photosymthesis process etc., while the ancient orchard practices (pruning, propagation, soil management, irrigation) were already well known for their benefits or negative effects, since time of the agricultural, georgic writers

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