Manuscript Submission

Getting ready for submission

Each Manuscript should be submitted along with the following:

  • Supplementary material (if available)
  • Suggested Reviewer Form
  • Cover Letter
  • Signed Authors Statement and Responsibility Form

More details on how to prepare these files can be found in the following sections.

Manuscript preparation

Once your manuscript and any supplementary material are ready, please save them as Word files (DOCX format) following the Instructions for Authors (for more information, visit this page). The manuscript file should contain the full text, references, tables, and figures. The supplementary material file should be separate.

Suggested Reviewers

The authors should suggest a minimum of three and a maximum of five potential reviewers for the submitted manuscript. To do this, please fill in the Suggested Reviewer Form, which can be downloaded here). Please read the form carefully before filling it in. The form should be submitted as a separate Word file (DOCX format) along with the manuscript. Please note that the Board of Editors retains the sole right to decide whether or not to contact the suggested reviewers

Cover letter preparation

Authors must prepare and attach a cover letter (as a PDF file) outlining the significance of their work, and explaining why they believe the submitted paper is relevant for the readership of Italus Hortus.
If the cover letter does not provide convincing information, the editorial board may decline publication without further external review.

Authors Statement and Responsibility

The corresponding author takes responsibility for the manuscript during submission and peer review process. Before submitting any manuscript to Italus Hortus, the corresponding author must be sure that he and all the co-authors have carefully read and agree with (i) the journal publication ethics (visit this page), (ii) the License and Terms of Use (visit this page), and (iii) the publishing procedures (visit this page).
Before submission, the corresponding author should download, fill, and sign on behalf of all the co-authors, this Authors Statement and Responsibility form. The filled and signed form should be save as a PDF file.
In case you have any question about these aspects, contact, before manuscript submission, the Editorial Office of the Journal at the following address:

Submit your paper

For each submission, the manuscript file, the supplementary material file (when available), the suggested reviewer form, the cover letter, and the signed authors statement and responsibility form should be attached to a single email and submitted to the following address: