10th International Symposium on Plant Senescence

10th International Symposium on Plant Senescence will be held in Pisa 17-19 July 2024

Venue – Aula Magna – Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies
Piazza Martiri della Libertà, 33 Pisa

The International Symposium on Plant Senescence is a biennial symposium that gathers approximately 80-100 participants from all over the world to discuss recent advances in different aspects of plants and their organs (leaf, flower, and fruit), aging, crop senescence, and stress biology research, including postharvest induced senescence.
Senescence is a complex, genetically programmed phenomenon that affects the plant longevity and in agricultural systems affect yield and quality of crops. Natural senescence is controlled by developmental age and environmental stresses. Understanding the senescence process of plants is essential for improving agriculture by increasing the yield of agronomic plants. In their research, the biologists attending the conference focused on a fundamental understanding of the influences on the senescence of plant cells, such as genetic or environmental factors, and how it is then possible to manipulate the process of senescence to obtain desirable results, such as making crops more resistant to abiotic stresses or improving the postharvest quality of produce.

Scientific sections

Session 1. Molecular mechanisms involved in the senescence regulation.
Session 2. Metabolic and biochemical changes under senescence
Session 3. Natural and postharvest induced senescence
Session 4. Biotic and Abiotic stresses in the senescence regulation
Session 5. Nutrients and senescence
Session 6. Autophagy and senescence
Session 7. Non- destructive techniques for monitoring plant senescence

Touristic tour in Tuscany

- Visit at Podere La Regola in the Riparbella, one of the most artistic and eco-friendly winery in the Tuscan coast, the visit is limited to 40 participants. The visit is planned on the 19th of July in the afternoon, a bus will take the participants to vinery.
- Guided tour of Piazza dei Miracoli and main attractions in Pisa.

The participant is limited to 100 participants.

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Convener: Antonio Ferrante
Local Scientific organization: Research Center of Crop Science
Administrative secretariat: SOI e-mail: segreteria@soihs.org