SOI: about us

The SOI (Italian Society for Horticultural Science) has been working to advance Italian horticulture through extensive cooperation between the scientific community and growers for over 60 years. 

Areas of interest include fruit trees, vegetable and flower crops, nursery production, the design and management of urban areas, turfgrass, and the management and preservation of agricultural landscapes.

SOI is one of the largest horticultural societies in the world in terms of number of associates and activities, and one of the main scientific societies dealing with agriculture in Italy. 

Our members include a vast array of professional categories, such as scientists, professors, graduate students, growers, consultants, nursery owners, producer boards, public administrators, and companies marketing horticultural products. 

The SOI is managed by a General Board (Consiglio Direttivo Generale) coordinated by a Chairman (Presidente Generale), and the General Secretary. It is divided into two sections (Fruit section and Vegetable-Ornamental section), many Working groups and Regional Delegates.

SOI activities

SOI promotes study and research, organizes symposia, workshops, technical meetings, and highly qualified courses for graduate students and young scientists.

SOI publishes: 1) an open access journal (Italus Hortus) featuring mini-reviews on current horticulture topics; 2) the proceedings of symposia (Acta Italus Hortus); 3) technical handbooks. 

Members also receive a periodical newsletter reporting SOI activities and current views on issues of horticultural interest.