African Journal of Plant Science (AJPS)

Dear Colleague,

The African Journal of Plant Science (AJPS) is currentlyaccepting manuscripts for publication. AJPS publishes highqualitysolicited and unsolicited articles, in English, in all areas of plantscience research. All articles published in AJPS will be peerreviewed.

Our objective is to inform authors of the decision on their manuscriptwithin five weeks of submission. Following acceptance, a paper willnormally be published in the next available issue.

One key request of researchers across the world is open access toresearch publications. The African Journal of PlantScience is fully committed to providing free access to allarticles as soon as they are published. We ask you to support thisinitiative by publishing your papers in this journal.

Please visit our website forthe Instruction for authors and other details. Prospective authorsshould send their manuscript(s) to,

AJPS is also seeking for qualified reviewers as members of itseditorial board. Please contact me if you are interested in serving asa reviewer.

Best regards,

Prof. Diaga Diouf
Acting Editor
African Journal of Plant Science